[BUG] Some static projects go to sleep

So i’ve realized that sometimes my static projects go to sleep and give me a starting screen when i load them. Why!?
Edit: Now they give me unstatic 404s, why did the static & nonstatic projects get mixed up again?

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Here’s the project: https://freezing-honeysuckle-quill.glitch.me/

And here’s proof that it’s static:

And here’s proof of the glitches:

“Not Found” means that the file you requested (assda in that screenshot) does not exist in your Glitch project.

I know, but that’s the unstatic glitch 404, a static glitch 404 looks like this:

I contacted Glitch Support team about this last month and they told me it was happening because of the way the README.md file is served (, IIRC). They were able to fix the bug, however. I suppose you could test by remove the README.md file if you have it.


i deleted the reade.md but it’s still nonstatic-like

Edit: It disappeared now!

I do not think so. You should remove your cache.

It is displaying the “Well, you found a glitch.” page.


It disappeared two minutes ago. :stuck_out_tongue: Probably a cache issue.


And I moved this to #feedback, by the way. I wonder how they fixed the issue for me without removing the readme.


Apparently still happening: https://freezing-honeysuckle-quill.glitch.me/secretasa

There would be a log in button if it wasn’t static. Sometimes you see “Not Found,” instead of that.

Can confirm it is still happening: http://maximus-dominus.glitch.me/


It looks like that project does not even exist.

It does exist: https://glitch.com/~maximus-dominus

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@Techy, @MAKIO135 - I think the static app’s server is provided by Glitch, which search for “index.html” (case-sensitive) file when site is opened. The same “you found a Glitch” happened with me today, and I renamed “app.html” to “index.html”, which seems to work!

seems not, i tried to simply remix the project and could access the generated view showing files