Bug while searching for golang

Bug while searching for golang -

(no adware/spyware installed on my machine)


What browser

Chrome- try searching it for yourself.

What the heck? Is there some kind of XSS with the markdown support?

What exactly did you search? I can’t seem to reproduce this.

I searched golang - https://glitch.com/search?q=golang
Edit: it doesn’t appear at the top you have to scroll to the bottom.

Can you share URL?

Yeah, I can see it now. Yikes.

That’s definetly XSS - ping @glitch_support and email support@glitch.com about these projects.

It looks like a bunch of piracy with German movies.


i have no issue with it

number one, why did you search golang
num two, that’s a crazy amount of movie ads and this needs to be fixed now

It didn’t happen with me

Golang = Go language

You sure you dont have adware? Either that or this could be XSS, but thats not likley.

I’m sure - i tested on a chromebook and it had the xss.

it did the same for me.
and I have no adware.

Yikes, almost definitely XSS or somebody abused markdown.

I found something new, I just searched “game” and at the bottom of the page the same thing happened, it appears to be limited to searches with large results.

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Ah I actually saw this earlier and already filed a bug about it! It’s not XSS it’s just the Markdown of collection descriptions bleeding out of the cards (a CSS issue) - the spam is another issue in itself that we’re working on!