Bug with the "in your timezone" indicator


I think at some point in the last couple months or so the nifty feature that tells you other users’ local time stopped working. Now it shows only my own local time and “in your timezone” for everyone, despite them being definitely scattered all around the globe.


oh arg, looks like some code rot, I’ll make a bug report and look into this as soon as I can



Are you still seeing this problem? I just tried it out, and it seems to be working for me.


Bug still extant for me! Consistent for all users, scattered all around the world. Always says “in your timezone”.


Okay, I figured it out. It turns out we weren’t storing timezone in the db, so it was only correct when the other user was connected to the editor. Now we’re storing it when users connect to the editor. The default in the display is still your timezone, so you’ll still see that for a while if the other user hasn’t connected since the fix.