Build server frozen returning 504


It appears the build server is frozen due to an error which was thrown by webpack. Is there a way to reset it now that I have changed the code?


Changing your package.json should normally cause a rebuild. Is that not happening? What are you seeing that makes you think the build server is frozen?

It the worst case, you should be able to close all tabs and wait 10 minutes. The server will be killed due to inactivity. Then you can hit it again, and it should come up in a clean state.


OK I will try that next time it happens. The workaround I was using was just to remix the project and delete the other one - but that felt wrong.

I am seeing “webpack building…” and no error or completion. The server then returns a 504 when I “Show Live”.

It was happening to me fairly regularly as it rebuilds the project while I am making changes.


If that keeps being a problem, as a workaround, you could temporarily remove the start command that’s kicking off the webpack build while you’re making changes.