Build Your Dream 3D Multiplayer VR Game with the CS1 IDE and CS1 Game Engine

Project URL:!/cs1-ide?

The CS1 IDE helps you learn fundamentals of computer science while building features into a base project built with the CS1 Game Engine. Advanced users can use the CS1 Game Engine to build out their own project from scratch. The resulting games can be installed on mobile devices and run wonderfully on the Oculus Quest.

Video Overview

Although the CS1 IDE and CS1 Game Engine are written in JavaScript , plans are in the works for Java and Python language integration. These plans include a Java Spark based microservice project and JSweet transpiled client code project to eventually integrate into the CS1 IDE and talk to CS1 Game Engine projects. Down the road this will enable students to learn with Java based lesson sets. In the same spirit I aim to design and build a Python Flask based microservice and Transcrypt based browser client so that students can use the CS1 IDE with Python based lesson sets.