Building a DNS server

I want to build a DNS server that people can connect to and when someone goes to “” (an example), I want it to be redirected to my glitch project “”.

I think what you are talking about would be a DNS Resolver (akin to Google’s or Cloudflare’s which would not be possible on Glitch to the best of my knowledge (someone please correct me if I’m wrong). You have to connect to a DNS resolver by IP address rather than a domain because it is a DNS resolver which resolves a domain into an IP Address. It would be a catch 22 to have a DNS resolver only accessible via a different DNS resolver.

This is an issue because Glitch projects are hosted inside containers, so several projects share the same IP address and I imagine those IP addresses change as projects get moved from server to server. Glitch abstracts this away from you by redirecting traffic from your * domain to the proper container inside the proper server that’s currently running your project.

You might be able to use Glitch to host some sort of DNS Name Server but I don’t think that will work for what you are trying to do.


As @FlantasticDan said, this is not possible through Glitch hence the reverse proxy. Another option would be to create a proxy that people can connect to.

You actions are limited with a proxy, you can simply deny people visiting certain websites or redirect to other websites. If the website the person is trying to access is not served under a secured protocol you could also change the content of that website. However if the website is secured using SSL certificate you might run into trouble.