Built a GitHub clone with gogs- join for free today

Project URL: https://pt-gogs.glitch.me

pt-gogs- the free GitHub clone written in Go

  1. Free- we will host your code for free with no limits. Only I’ll delete if it is wrong or I run low on space

  2. General GitHub features- We support features including SSH keys generation or repo mirroring

  3. Open source- it’s on an article on dev.to called ‘host git on glitch with gogs’ plus the whole thing is available on GitHub (real github)

So join today, sign up at https://pt-gogs.glitch.me/user/sign_up

If you see an organisation called ‘King James School’, leave it please or you will be promptly banned temporarily


What’s the story behind that organisation you’re advising users to leave?

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Yeah I’m a bit curious too.

Oh, i had better explain.

King-james-school is the name of the organisation i intend for use by my school (im a student)

I wish to keep it private and i would only allow membership to people i recognize.

Not much up yet through

Why not get the latest backup of the project?

Every time we rewind, we have to reinstall. Gogs has a system where the first user gets admin and the DDOSer has admin

We’ve had to force rewind twice

Not rewinding, @glitch_support can get the latest backup of the project from their servers…

We did that and have a backup link potch gave us

Same procedure……_.

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We are suffering repeated DDOS attacks, this should help

Too many DDoS attacks in the past few days…and project spams that happend last week…

The user with admin is called HydrogenDiscord. I believe he is the DDOSer

Can’t you ban him or something? Any ways to find out who’s DDoSing the project?

When we got hit last night with a DDOS, the DB messed up and gave him admin as he wa the first user to sign in.

We plan to wipe the databases and start over (sqlite3)

My theory is to grab a list of IP addresses that access the site and ban them. We are looking into custom domains and cloudflare protection.

We can’t ban him until we get our admin perm back

Well, I was able to log in and I am currently handling the situation.

  1. IP addresses changes over the day once or twice. Surely, I would’ve use a VPN for a DDoS attack, so there’s no point in catching IP addresses.
  2. Cloudflare requires it’s own DNS servers which might be no possible to change on Glitch

And lastly, why do regular people need their own GitHub clone? Ofc companies would use their own replicas to not to share with everyone their production mess, but having a GitHub on Glitch sounds like a joke

I have a idea, how about we set up a custom domain which everyone can publicly use and then setup cloudflare for dns so it can handle DDoS attacks for us(you might need to manually turn on I’m under attack mode).
Oh sry 17lwinn didn’t see your reply there.
A little question before I signup: how are the passwords protected. Are the hashed, if so what method(don
't have to be that specific)