Bumping threads reminder

Hi, so shortly after Tasha introduced the feature that shuts down discussions 6 months after the last reply i’ve seen quite a few threads being bumped and/or advertised in other discussion threads.

Please can everyone (Including newcomers) try where possible to not bump old threads, discourse does warn you and if that shows- don’t post or every member of the thread will be pinged. Please also don’t advertise old threads as this encourages topic bump-replies.

Remember to mark solutions and keep it on topic , thanks ! :slight_smile:


We need to make it three months. one month.


That is what I of suggested

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Ya’ll seem to be talking as if you’ve had hundreds of posts to read. And you speak as if bumping is bad, I’ve already highlighted that it has a lot of uses:

It’s not like the bumps are spam or irrelevant posts, they are often very relevant!


I would also like to encourage the community to use the search feature multiple times before making a post. To make good keywords remove words like What, How, Is, Do, etc… so it can make the search engine’s job easier


I agree, also when bumping- avoid it cause it can get very annoying


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