Bundling and Minification

Hi y’all,

First congratulations to the team that put together hyperdev! it is AWESOME!

Second: How do I use something like grunt or gulp to automate some tasks like bundling or minification?
(I have searched and did not find anything, so this is why im asking)

Douglas Loyo

Hi Douglas, glad you like it! You can use grunt/gulp as you normally would - the only gotcha is that just ‘/tmp’ is writeable at start, so you have to output your bundled/minified files to ‘/tmp’ and then read them from there. Here’s an example project minifying a JS file and reading it from /tmp with Grunt and Express: https://hyperdev.com/#!/project/holy-scale

This link no longer works. Can we get this project back or a new one - I’m tinkering with gulp as a newbie and unclear where to run it from. Running from commandline fails and I can’t figure out where in package.json to put it (if that is the right place). A working example would be great.

It’s at https://glitch.com/edit/#!/grunt-js

Exactly what I need. Thanks!