Bus error (core dump) app.js

So, just recently, recently as in last night EST, My discord bot started throwing these errors:

/etc/app-types/node/start.sh: line 43: 989 Bus error (core dumped) node app.js

What exactly can cause such problem as I haven’t edited anything in the app.js file for a decade? Any help will be appreciated.

From what I found on the internet, you have to update node. Just change the version after node.

  "engines": {
    "node": "8.11.1"

(I recommend you change it to the newest recommended version, 8.11.1)

I have tried that. I have changed the 8.4.0 to 8.11.1 and it throws errors on console saying that Updating node failed. Try using sudo... and I have then it says bash command not found: sudo so like what do I do?

If you remix the project do you still get the node errors?

Yea, I remixed it and now it works. So I just deleted the old and merged the new.