Button to toggle auto-restart + Restart button

While changing the code of a Discord bot, sometimes auto-restart ends being really handy, but sometimes I want it to only restart when the code is done, to avoid sending requests to Discord constantly, it would be really helpful, because sometimes I want the project to be running on the last working code, than have it with the new code on the next restart it has.

There already is, click on your project name and check or uncheck “refresh on changes”.

Wouldn’t that be to refresh the page?

To refresh your project is you have it open in another tab. You should also look into the watch.json file.

I already looked in watch.json
But when I want to restart quickly I can’t.
And constantly open new tabs isn’t the best option, that’s why I think that a button to at least restart it manually in the editor would be great

The refresh on changes isn’t what I want to.

I want the app to stop restarting when a file is changed, but without having to change watch.json constantly, but with a simple button

No, that’s for the website’s live preview, and it does not stop the refreshing of the Node process. And a watch.json only delays the restarts which is useless in certain cases.

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So wouldn’t worry about it. The delay is about 10-30 seconds.