C-v in the Console

Hi guys! When I was editing something in vim in the Glitch console, I noticed I couldn’t send the C-v key to go to visual block mode! Any idea how I could send the keystroke? Thanks!

Maybe try Ctrl+Shift+V. In the Linux terminal Ctrl+Shift+V and Ctrl+Shift+C are used instead of Ctrl+V & Ctrl+C

My Ubuntu VM broke so I’ve used a raspbian one instead.

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You might also find this helpful- this dev found a way to use bookmarklets for key bindings https://dev.to/aadsm/extending-glitch-2fe1

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Thanks! Shift-C-v just about solved it. The link’s pretty cool too!

No problem! :smiley:

Since Glitch uses a Linux terminal, Linux commands like Ctrl+Shift+V will work and Windows ones wont.