Cake Icer - Write a message on a cake and share a permalink with a friend

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Cake Icer

Write a nice message on a cake and share it with a link! We created this to spread positivity and encouragement with our colleagues.

  • Type your message on the cake, pick some colours and the cake type, and fill in your name
  • Click Copy URL to get a share link
  • Send it to your friend
  • They get a cool read-only version of your cake message, and the chance to make their own!


Vue for powering the app and binding data to the share-able URL (see app.js), Tachyons (atomic CSS) for styling. It’s a static site with no database.

Check it out! I hope you enjoy sending cake messages :slight_smile:


This is a really nice project! Maybe ill send a glitch cake :smiley: