Can a project (name) be renamed?


So, I create a new project, and get something like!/project/adjective-noun. Sometimes, I don’t like the adjective or the noun, like “scary-dentist” (guessing here, but I’ve seen comparable names), and I want to change the project name. Is that possible, and if so: how?

I asking this because it’s not only the project in development mode, but that name is also used for hosting the application, like Obviously, I might do some CNAME DNS record setup from a domain (with a nice name) I control, but renaming the project from HyperDev could also be a possibility.

(For comparison, Heroku also hands out random application names on project creation, but those projects, and the URLs the applications are served from, can be renamed.)


Yes, you can rename projects by clicking on the project name to open the project options menu, then click inside the project name in the menu to rename it:

After you edit the name to be what you want it will be saved and served from the new name. We don’t currently set up any redirects from the old name so any links referencing the old name will break. We have plans to address the redirects eventually, but haven’t yet started on them.


Oh… that’s a subtle feature :slight_smile: Couldn’t find it in the documentation. Thanks.


Yeah, we had to rush out the release which added the ability, so we’re fixing a few things up before announcing the changes.


is project editing disabled right now? I can’t rename projects, change their descriptions, export/import from github. Everyone says to use dropdown for projects, but I only see leave project, delete, & pin.


It sounds like you’re looking at your profile page. You can do those other actions from the top-left project info menu in the editor.


Ok, I’ve figured it out. I kept trying to do it from the project listing. Thanks!