Can anyone help me

So hi there i need help with discord dashboard for my discord bot is there anyone who is willing to help me u can contact me here @|JaZz|#6770

Hi @JaZz if you have some specific questions that you can ask here someone who’s not active on Discord might be able to help you. If you’re still having trouble getting the hand raise / ask for help feature working let us know what you’re seeing and we can try to help get that working for you.

Hi @JaZz!
To create a simple dashboard, you will need 2 things - Server, that will hosts your bot and receive requests and Site, The Requester.

First, make a simple dashboad-styled site with some inputs and a SEND button. The send button will .serialize() form and send it as POST or probably GET request. I’ve ended up with sending JSON data with something like:

“prefix”: “/”,
“adminEnabled”: true,
“djMode”: {
“state”: true,
“djs”: [“user”, “user1”]
}, …

The Server accepts that data and makes changes in settings. Simply.

sorry for my mistakes, if they are, i’m not a pro-dev

can u please contact me on discord the username provided above or this @|JaZz|#6770

I am willing to help, I am a Discord Bot developer. I only couldn’t contact you because the username is invalid or something.


@| JaZz |#6770
@| *JaZz* |#6770
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Umm its only suppose to be |JaZz|#6770 this is for mention @|JaZz|#6770

put you mention like this because it gets formatted (use ` on either side)