Can anyone help me?

Can you do this to disable the website / computer, will the bot still work?

Hey @NiuniekYT, welcome to the Glitch forum!

I’m not quite clear on what you’re asking here. If you’re asking about whether a bot project needs to have a public website to run, then technically no, the website’s not required. However, Glitch projects go to sleep after 5 minutes of “inactivity”, and bot activity doesn’t count in that calculation, so a lot of folks do something like UptimeRobot to keep their bots running, and that requires a website.

If that doesn’t answer your question, can you help me understand what you’re looking for?

Here’s how you can do it UptimeRobot? Scenario? Php? HTML? Anyone who could write this script would be happy;)

A lot of folks use something like this sample express config to set that up. If you provide your project name someone might be able to give more specific info.