Can Hyperdev render markdown?

There are many great projects that start with a I’ve been enjoying the nodejs series but I can’t see how to click any of the links!

Am I missing a button somewhere?

What do you mean by

I can’t see how to click any of the links

Do you mean you’d like to see the next screenshot in a rendered way?

aka like this?

Yep, exactly: I’d like to see the markdown rendered somehow.

Otherwise, when the readme contains the text:

In order to make use of these, you can install Node.js locally from But instead, we're going to use HyperDev.

I have to copy-paste the link, because clicking on it simply places a cursor there.


As for now, I’d suggest copy pasting the markdown into a 3rd party renderer like this.

Maybe they will add it in the future!

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This is in the works for the exact issues as you mentioned in your example. I’ve seen functional mock-ups, so hopefully should be delivered shortly.

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@jonathanGB, @Wilfred,

We markdown preview now :open_mouth: ,
Let us know how it works for you


Wonderful! Thank you :slight_smile:

There seems to be a slight issue with duplicate scrollbars during markdown preview:

For example, on!/project/vue-hn I see:

(Firefox on Linux)

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Hey Wilfred, thanks for the feedback. I’ll look into fixing this asap