Can I Ban People

Is it possible to ban people from visiting your glitch site

It depends on what you mean by ban and what language you are using.

HTML and JS. (more text for discourse

What kind of JavaScript? (node, react, etc.)

Just regular JS (more text

What kind of ban do you want?

What do you mean? by that

Well there are different types of bans. Ban is a broad category.

I just want it if ban someone it just redirects some where else

Like an IP ban?

Yes (More text for no reason)

If you plan to run an IP ban in vanilla JS I highly recommend you do not do that. Viewers can see IPs in the source.

Then what do you recremond

IP bans can really only be done in a backend language or a config file like .htaccess

Enforcing an IP ban isn’t fully possible either, because anyone can use a VPN.

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But you can’t do .htaccess in glitch

There are not many other effective ways to ban :wink:

If you use lamp-poc (the apache server in glitch) you can.

So I can’t ban people from my site in

I’m just a bit confused at what you are asking.
Do you want to ban people from viewing: or