Can I build an app with node-cron?

Hi all!

I dabbled a bit with Gomix and I now want to build a very simple app with a cron-like scheduled task. I want to use node-cron to set up my scheduler, but I’m not certain that this type of app is possible on Gomix. I found this FAQ which sounds like I can not build something like I have in mind:

Containers sleep after 5 minutes if they are not used

Will my app be running all the time as a long as my schedule is within 5 minutes?


Hi MoriTanosuke,

unfortunately, the app will shut down even if your schedule is within 5 minutes. The app only stays up if it gets an http connection.

Supporting cron jobs is on our todo list though :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply. I figured it would be shut down. Nice to hear that you think about supporting these kinds of apps though. :thumbsup:

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