Can I deploy a custom app with Glitch using next.js?

Hey there guys :slight_smile: I am new to Glitch and was wondering how it works. I have developed a custom app locally so can I deploy it with Glitch or how do I use Glitch exactly?

thanks in advance

I use Glitch to host my apps and develop everything locally. This provides a very fast turn around for testing and means I don’t have to host both test and production sites on Glitch. I sync my local project with GitHub and when I’m ready to deploy I simply pull the latest into my Glitch site.

You can pull from the default branch (typically “main”) but if you push from Glitch it will push to a Glitch branch. I typically don’t push, I only pull.

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Thanks a mil for clarifying :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: are there some docs that i could dig into in order to understand deployment better?

Someone from Glitch should be able to offer more information. I found this link How do I push code that I created locally to my project on Glitch? - Glitch Support but there is some command line git config thing that I don’t do and have never done.

I don’t develop directly in Glitch considering it more of a hosting environment. I wouldn’t develop on a production server for instance.