Can I get my server live remotely, without going to the main page?


The title. I’m wondering if I can ‘invoke’ my server without the need of going to my project’s page. That would be really amazing.


Hey @supahero I’m not really sure what you’re asking. Maybe you can give a more specific example that might help me understand? What is it that you want to happen when you “invoke” your project? Are you trying to solve the issue of your project going to sleep after ~5 minutes of inactivity? Something else?


Hey @cori, thanks for the answer. The idea is to start the server if I’d know it’s asleep and without going to the main project’s page. Like, some sort of a request to the project’s page that would actually start the project without me participating in it. I don’t know, xhr or websocket request, maybe even something else, but at this point I’m wondering if such a way even exists.
More specifically, I’d like to start my node server if there is need for that, but I don’t want to directly go to the project’s page and wait for it to start, then close the page. It would be awesome to do some kind of a request to the project’s page, maybe something else, that would start it, make it running live.


It sounds like you just want to make sure your project is running constantly. The way to do that is to trigger a request to a public page on your project, which many community members do with something like UptimeRobot.

That request doesn’t have to be a normal webpage request. You could connect anything to it you wanted to; a websocket or an AJAX request to a POST endpoint would work equally well, although you’ll still need something there to respond to that.

Does that help?


Yes, this satisfies me, thanks. I don’t want it to run 24/7, but just start whenever I want it to, but I think you’ve answered the question.