Can I get permission to run samp server

I need to run this and this game server wont consume much resources it will only use upto the limit

Try using chmod +x on the offending script/binary.

I tried chmod +x ./samp03svr &
Well no messages displayed in the logs but there was loading icon besides tools. I dont know which ip to connect through the game client to this server

The loading icon staying there means it is running (this would be with things like websockets or loops, and such)

The IP is displayed in the logs (usually, tell me if you don’t because I can give the code for it to log it out):
Screenshot 2020-03-31 at 11.03.34 AM

Im not concerned about that actually I just mentioned that so you could say something whats happening actually. Now I need to connect my game client to this server so i need the ip address and port of this server to connect to this server

I think it is the domain with your project…

EDIT: and whatever you set your port as (default is usually prot 3000 and such)

Well tried that but didnt connect

and yeah the game server didnt start at all if it had started it would create server log file

You can only use http servers on glitch. the server listens on port 3000, but you connect to it as port 80 or 443 for ssl

Well the game server accepts samp:// protocol and port 7777 but port can be changed

Maybe with node.js http/https module…

Hi @rajeevkrao! Because of the way Glitch works, the platform only supports the http/https protocol. You might be able to set the connection up as http and then switch to samp internally, but I’m not sure how reliable that would be.

More info here.

Mabye run a proxy on the container and CONNECT through the proxy.

How to do that? Can you explain

Haven’t tried. When I figure it out I’ll post here.

will be waiting for you response

To make this work, you’d also need to do the same thing in reverse on each game client, i.e. proxy SAMP traffic to http.

That’d be a big project, esp. considering SAMP is not open source AFAIK.