Can I integrate PhpMyAdmin with my project?

Hi. Is there a way to use PhpMyAdmin to manage my sqlite3 db?

I’m using sequelize but would like to be able to see my db with a “visual dashboard” like PhpMyAdmin. Is that possible? Are there any instructions anywhere?

And, by the way, I think it would be a nice feature to implement PhpMyAdmin and make it show when you create a db.

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Hi @ethanisnotdumb, welcome to the Glitch forum!

We don’t have built-in PhpMyAdmin support, and have no current plans to add it. PHP itself isn’t officially supported, although you can get it working by following something like You might be able to start there and get PhpMyAdmin working in a Remix of that project.

You’re welcome to add a topic in regarding this desire, but as I mentioned it’s not currently on our roadmap, and I wouldn’t expect any significant work towards that support any time in the near future.

As far as other tool options, since your database won’t typically be accessible except from within your project’s container it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to connect an external tool. You might be able to find 3rd party hosting for your database on a platform that offers such tools. You could also take a look at for other possibilities.

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Thanks! Do you know, anyway, of anything I could use to visually see my db?

If you download the sqlite file to your local machine there are a number of data browsers you could use, but I don’t know of anything graphical that you can use while the file is in your Glitch project. Downloading it requires making it publicly visible at least for the time it takes to download; how to do that depends on how your project is structured and where the file currently is.

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