Can i open a icecast server on glitch?

can i open a icecast server on glitch?

Hi @Armagan,

Our Team checked here and it looks like Glitch has the required libraries installed.

That being said, I was given these hints to pass along to you:

  • Icecast itself may be larger than the 200 megabytes of disk storage.
  • If it doesn’t build and work immediately, it might be possible to compile icecast somewhere else (for example, in /tmp, or on a different linux machine) and copy the binary to the Glitch project.

Has anyone else in the community tried using icecast with Glitch? I’d be curious to see what you were able to do!

Hello @Armagan, I have worked with icecast in the past, and even gave it multiple attempts with glitch, sadly you will not be able to run an icecast server on glitch as it uses too much resources, and since your resources are currently limited on glitch, there is nothing you can do!
That being said, I am sure there are cheap VPS that you can find that do have sufficient resources to run an icecast2 server!

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