Can I remove Glitch's button from my site?

Is it allowed to remove Glitch’s button from the website? My school is holding some sort of a contest so, just so the website looks formal. Also are there any tips I should use?

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The one in the top right corner?

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You will see the section that includes the button

it looks like this:

<!-- include the Glitch button to show what the webpage is about and
          to make it easier for folks to view source and remix -->
    <div class="glitchButton" style="position:fixed;top:20px;right:20px;"></div>
    <script src="" defer></script>

Simply remove that from the site. I will DM you some pro tips on how to win your school’s contest :wink:

It is not against the rules to actually remove the button. The button can also be removed by simply privating the project as well.


The new Learn Code looks good, it’s a whole lot better than the initial version of Learn Code!

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That’s is completely of the rude and off topic. It’s okay to say that the @khalby786 is good. But don’t compare to alt or learn code . I’m flagging of that because it brake rules.


Yeah as the FAQ says

criticize ideas, not people


Hey, my only question is just wether I can remove Glitch’s buttons from the site or no. The ones in the top right corner and the “Made with Glitch” hyperlink at the bottom. Am I allowed to remove them or no?

So, I wont get banned for removing both of these 2, right?

Nope, the button is optional.


Yeah, you can change whatever you want. It is your site!

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Thanks for the direct reply! You too, code-alt!