Can I restore project with no checkpoints on the date?


I’ve accidentally pulled from git repo to the Glitch project and that action erased all my work :cold_sweat:

Latest checkpoint commit was 7 days ago (that’s strange, because I was coding all the week), so maybe somewhere on Glitch servers stuff has access to the project data I had before pull command?


Hey @jarvis394 sorry for the bother! If you’re using the GitHub import then yes, right now importing from GitHub somewhat-unexpectedly blows away the contents of your project.

The oldest backup we have from that project is from 2019-08-27 06:20:06.000 UTC and there are roughly 70 backups between now and then. Since you say your last commit was a week ago, but I see a handful of commits from yesterday and then a gap back to the 21st.

If you’d like us to restore that backup let us know. Likewise if you’d like to see the list of available backups (although as I mentioned there are more than 70 of them and all within the last day or so, so some of them are pretty close together). Restoring the backup will wipe your project’s current contents, so if you want to make sure you have a record of the current content make sure to download the project or push it to a git remote.

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These ~70 commits are checkpoints from Glitch side, that’s my work by recovering project from my memory; more interesting are commits in around 2h after the date you mentioned:

Pretty sure there is a commit


This thing just blown my project up as you said :grimacing:
If I’m right, this commit was at Tue Aug 27 8:13:06 2019 UTC (I have +3 ahead), and you mentioned a date 2h before. I guess, restoring the latest backup before this commit would be great!


Hey, @cori, what’s are updates on this? Sorry for bother!

Hey @jarvis394 unfortunately we no longer have that backup available; we only keep a certain amount of backups and the earliest one we have now is from 2019-08-27 20:09:28.000 UTC so several hours after the event you’re concerned with, and I can’t say precisely how long we’ll have the specific backup available.

As far as I can tell that likely means we don’t have a “clean” backup available now; do you concur? If so I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but if you’d like us to restore that backup we’d be happy to do so.

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Ah, well, no problem; I’ll recover the project manually by myself remembering stuff. Thank you for support!

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