Can I run shell scripts in HyperDev?


I have a shell script that I want to run via npm start, and have my package.json’s scripts.start executing that file, but I get a permissions error:

/app/bin/start: line 20: ./script/ Permission denied 11:33 AM

Here’s the contents of


set -e

# # this script decides whether or not to start 
# server in harmony mode, depending on Node
# version.

NODE_VERSION=$(node -v | grep -o 'v[0-9]')

if [[ ${NODE_VERSION:1:1} -le $MAX_HARMONY_VERSION ]]; then
	echo "Running with harmony for select es6 support"
	$HARMONY_FLAGS="--harmony --harmony_destructuring"

# echo "Starting server"
node $HARMONY_FLAGS server.js

Does HyperDev not support shell scripts?


I managed to make Dart work with a shell script (see here). package.json contains:

"scripts": {
	"start": "bash ./"

and the .sh file looks much like yours:


# Set up Dart if it doesn't exist
if [ ! -f ~/dart-sdk/bin/dart ]; then

  # Download if not already downloaded
  if [ ! -f ~/dart.tar.gz ]; then
    echo "Downloading Dart..."
    curl -Lo ~/dart.tar.gz

  # Extract  
  echo "Extracting Dart..."
  tar xzf ~/dart.tar.gz -C ~


echo "Launching Dart..."
~/dart-sdk/bin/dart ~/src/server.dart

I’m not sure exactly what’s different between mine and yours (nor do I know if this is intended to be supported), but the Dart sample still seems to work today :slight_smile:


Thanks @DanTup.

In my package.json, i just had ./script/, not bash script/ The former (sans bash) works in my local dev environment (and presumably in prod) but not on HyperDev. Looks like HyperDev wants to see bash.


Hi Benjamin,

All files in the editor are created with “read/write” permissions, but no “exec” permissions: it means that you cannot treat them as executables. However, you can pass them to an interpreter/executor, bash, in your case.