Can I use Glitch to create Discord bots?

I know “Discord help” is the name of the category, but I’ve heard the Glitch dislikes Discord bots due to people using things like UptimeRobot to constantly ping Glitch. Members of a server for Discord Bot List told me to not use Glitch since it’s incompatible with Discord and they say that “free hosting is bad”. I just need some help on whether or not I’m allowed to use Glitch to host and create a Discord bot, how else I can host the bot if Glitch doesn’t allow it, and if I can, then how will I be able to fully utilize Glitch?

Using ping services with Glitch is banned.

If you want 24/7 bot hosting with Glitch you’ll need to upgrade to the Membership Plan.

If you don’t want to do that (or are unable to) you can check out or


Pinging services are banned.

You’ll need to use the bad other services (see this article for how to solve, and also why you shouldn’t)

edit: ah yes, why glitch is so better.

Anyways, you can upgrade to private your project and get 24/7 up time. Plus Glitch will like you if you do :sparkling_heart:


That could violate section j. Infrastructure Intergity in the ToS as that could be considered stress on Glitch’s servers.


I pointed that out in my reply…

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Self hosting a discord bot isn’t a bad idea. All you need is your computer.



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And all you actually need for hosting is a raspberry pi, on 24/7