Can I use glitch with code written for a local server?

I would like to use Glitch for code that is hosted on a localhost server.
My server is located on my internal network which cannot be accessed from the internet.
Can I use glitch such that it can be setup locally?
For eg. just like how we setup Jenkins server locally.

Hi @joshio1, welcome to the Glitch Forums!

Glitch is only available as a hosted service at the moment, and we have no immediate plans to offer it in a self-hosted fashion.

Depending on what you’re trying to do you may be able to put some sort of proxy on a server in a DMZ on your company’s network - something that can be accessed externally and can then request data from your internal resource and send it back to your Glitch app.

Hope this helps!

Hi @cori,

Thanks for your help.
I really like glitch and would love to have something like this running locally.
It will be difficult to get approval for a proxy in a DMZ since the code will be out in the public domain.
I’d really like if glitch offered something like this.
Is there anything else I can do in this case if a proxy is not possible?

I encourage you to post a topic in outlining what you’d like to see here. That doesn’t mean we’ll be able to do it, but it gives folks a place to express their interest, and that can influence future work.

As far as other alternatives, you could flip your architecture around and devise a way to push information from your internal servers out to Glitch. Depending on your information security requirements that might be an equally hard sell, but it might enable you to get the data you need to your Glitch project.

Okay, thanks for your help.