Can I use the glitch CDN's asset thumbnails in my website?


When I upload an image to the assets folder, I get a URL like this:

Glitch also seems to generate thumnails for use within the asset gallery. Here’s the thumbnail for the above image:

My question is, can I “rely” on this thumbnail image? As in, can I use it in my website and be confident that it won’t disappear in the future?

As far as I can tell, I just need to replace %2F in the url with %2Fthumbnails%2F to get the thumbnail version of the image.

It would save me a lot of trouble (especially while we don’t have the ability to folderize assets) if these thumbnail links were stable!


Edit: Fixed links so that forum software doesn’t convert them to actual images.


Yes, those should be stable - that’s what we use for the preview in the assets view.