Can Kotlin be used?


Can Kotlin be used on Glitch? Just asking.


Kotlin will run, but it takes up a fair amount of your available disk space and while it’s compiling it’s pretty CPU-intensive. I was able to use SdkMan to install kotlin and get a simple proof of concept up and running by following in just a few minutes (without IntelliJ). There’s a typo in the compilation step in that tutorial, but aside from that it seems to work fine.


You can put it in .jar file.


Can you link me to the Project @cori so I can get started easier?


Sure thing. I wanted to clean it up a bit first; you can find it at!/kotlin-poc.

A remix from that seems like it starts pretty darn quick. It could use a lot more niceties (actually checking to make sure kotlin is installed, better watch.json config to automatically compile on certain changes, stuff like that). There also may be less disk-filling options for installing it other than SdkMan.

Happy Glitching!