Can not find my bot!

I remember i made a music bot for discord and i deleted it and now i want it back, but i can’t seem to find it in my deleted projects section, is it possible for you guys to find it, i think the name was ramfish-music or something like that.

Hi @ramoth123!
Good to see you! I’m sorry you can’t find this project!

Since you aren’t 100% sure of the project’s name, have you tried going to your Deleted Projects and clicking on each project listed under that section to make sure it isn’t there?

I’m pretty sure the name of the project was ramfish-music, and i have checked every single project in the deleted section and i can’t find it there!

Thanks for confirming that!

I did some more digging and it looks like you undeleted ramfish-music and then renamed it to personal-bot-4me, which is in your current list of projects. If this does not look like ramfish-music, try rewinding it a bit. Let me know if that helps!


Thank you, i guess i forgot that i renamed it :sweat_smile:

I’ll check it out later :+1:

@tasha I found out that peronal-bot-4me isn’t the music bot, it’s just something random i created!