Can not get project to working on local

Hello all!

I had problem with above project to work locally on my mac. After 4-5 days of researching and non stop trying, I am back here to hope get it work with a working guide and help from some kind member/s.

If you want to develop on Glitch using a local text editor, you can do that with Microsoft VS Code and using the Glitch extension which is currently in the betas.

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Thank you! Let me explain the problem. The problem is 2 wild kids, my kids, 4-6 years old. They love doodle place and learning letters and reading with drawing. I will drive the app local without no internet on a separate computer. I not allow them to surf, there is a lot of bad things on the net, they can only use computers with pre installed apps.

I did everything to get the app work. Installed node with terminal on mac, npm install, opened the project in visual studio code but can not get a working index.html file / map.

Problem 2, I am not so similar with installations, some app I can install with npm install but I cant get it to work or export in visual studio (which is not so familiar to me)

I should be amazing happy if I can get a how to description.

Oh, if you are going to have a app to make a app they can use without internet, you would a programming software, like Microsoft Visual Studio, to develop a executable file (.exe) or in the case of Mac, a application file (.app).
Though, if you want to either limit or completely block them from using the internet, you can do that using your router.
If you enter the correct address for your router, which you can find by searching ${yourRouterManufacturer} default username, password and login IP on google, and then loging in with the username and password provided with what you find, unless you’ve changed those things, you can then set up times when their devices will be unable to use the internet, they will still be connected to WiFi, but they can’t do anything, not view ads, not watch YouTube, not download apps, not search on google, nothing. The only thing they can do is to access offline features. Though you will have to unblock it manually whenever it needs the internet.
If you want to limit it, there should be a feature in most routers to blocks certain apps from access the internet, blocking stuff like App Store, Chrome, Safari etc.
Either way, local apps must be hosted on the computer locally, and not on a webhost, as local in the internet terms means on your computer. And all webhosts require internet to be accessed.

Hope this helps,
If you don’t know how to set up the router settings, you can search it up on YouTube, just make sure you set up the right Mac Addresses - Mac Addresses are unique for all devices in the world, unlike IP Addresses - or else thing can go wrong.

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Excellent answer, thanks a lot!

Just some more questions if that is ok. I tried to open index.html from a folder on my mac and get a non working version with some broken links in the browser. I tried to upload the public folder to my server to see if the index.html working there but I get the same result, broken page.

If it is possible, I will use this app on my website as guestbook. Do I need any license? I buy for it with happiness. I mailed to the developer for a week ago but not get any answer.

If it is possible to use the app on a website, how can I get it work? My site is on, just building the site, it is about art and photography. It is a personal showroom, not a commercial site. Link to my domain is to show that I will not use the app illegally.

I show this app for a friend who is teacher and he agree, it is an excellent app for kids to learn letters etc but also for many other reasons as say hello page/guestbook etc.

I will buy many coffees to the one who can help me :slight_smile: That part is not a problem.

Alright, so if you are going to need to store data, then I would recommend a database like MySQL.
And about Glitch, as far as I know, there are no licenses involved in anything. Last time I checked, everything on Glitch was pretty much free. But I am unsure. If you need a license to use your Glitch app on a different site, it should say in the ToU/ToS or the FAQ.

Hey @jim-booo, this seems related to your question at Load a project on desktop not working can you update us on what you’ve tried and what error(s) you’re currently running into?

I am able to clone the project repo from the project you mention there and get it to start - it fails when the database isn’t there and populated correctly, which I guess I would expect, but it sounds like you may still be running into issues with just getting everything installed and running at all. This project is a little unusual in that it needs to build some packages from source (using node-gyp) and I suspect that something in your laptop configuration doesn’t match mine and that’s why you’re running into problems.

Full error messages, and ideally the log file that’s provided, if any, may go a long way to helping us sort it out. You can email the log file to if you’d prefer.