Can somebody help me with overwritePermissions()?

Need to change a permission for a specific role

LOOK BELOW THE SOLVING POST: There is a summary of my final code because the answering post will clarify lots of questions at once, so if you want an specific answer, there it is.

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How to update the overwrite of a specific role? I want @Player to talk in a specific channel when triggering the command, I don’t know how overwritePermissions() works

You posted into the wrong category, Set into Discord help because this is a help on the discord’s platform.

Updated the title of this post.

I’m not a Discord.js expert, but I found this on the web:

Thx but that won’t help me, I need to know how to get a specific role

I got to solve it! there are lots of ways to get the resolvers.
Here is the link to my question:

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My final code was:

      const role = message.guild.roles.cache.get("726355606440771646");
      const channel = message.guild.channels.cache.get("726313177066766377");
      channel.updateOverwrite(role, { VIEW_MESSAGES: true, SEND_MESSAGES: true });
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