Can someone explain this date format for me?

I have this date. I’m pretty sure it means March 4th, 2019. The time looks like its 8:50pm. I’m pretty sure that its meridian time so for me, it would be 3:50pm. I don’t understand anything after that. . .

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That’s an ISO-8601 specified date, so it breaks down like this:

2019-03-04 March 4th, 2019
T - divider between date and time parts
20:50:33.453 - 8:00 PM in 24-hour time, followed by minutes (50), seconds (33) and milliseconds (453).
Z - marker for Zulu Time, or UTC.

Does that help at all?


Ah. So the Z just means it’s based in Greenwich time zone. the 453 meant its milliseconds. Ok this makes sense. Thanks for the help!