Can Someone Help Please

Please Dont Ask Why Do I Want To Make A IDE Just Please Tell Me How (not trying to be disrespectful)

I’m not exactly sure what you are trying to do. However, it sounds like you want to make an IDE. So, something similar to Code | Will M / / right? Please clarify so I can try my best to help you, thx.

I want it to be like glitch almost exactly like glitch but different with the previews,accessibility’s and the available language still with color changing syntax also file system would be basically the same with a different type of design and main file. do u know anything that could help me?

i also need to find out how to make a upload button so the stuff could go to my homepage

Gotcha. I’m pretty sure Glitch uses Codemirror (i could be wrong) but I’m not exactly keen on that. @tasha what IDE does Glitch use?

    <script type="module" crossorigin src="/edit/assets/index.897ec3b2.js"></script>
    <link rel="modulepreload" href="/edit/assets/design.fcebccc4.js">
    <link rel="modulepreload" href="/edit/assets/codemirror.24758d0d.js">
    <link rel="modulepreload" href="/edit/assets/glitch.1ffbdf70.js">
    <link rel="modulepreload" href="/edit/assets/state.86446028.js">
    <link rel="modulepreload" href="/edit/assets/components.a400ddb8.js">
    <link rel="modulepreload" href="/edit/assets/markdown.fdc0d43a.js">
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="/edit/assets/index.4cf88e60.css">

yes code mirror

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