Can someone setup a simple DBM bot for me?


I’ve had a lot of issues trying to set my bot up on glitch.
It’s been working just fine until i try to make it stay up 24/7, then a ton of issues came.
(These problems kept coming. I think this below is a better solution for now.)

Would someone please do me a favor, and setup a discord bot with DBM for me, so i just need to insert token, and setup uptimerobot for it to work. I’ll add all commands and stuff myself.

You can either make your own project, and i’ll copy that, or you can just do it here:

MOD EDIT: removed invite token - please exchange that via PM

Hey @darknessgamingdk if no one is prepared to dedicate the time to set this up for you it might be helpful for you to describe the issues you’re running into while setting up UptimeRobot and folks might be able to help you with some advice about those issues specifically.

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I’ve tried hard to fix it with other tickets, and nobody was able to fix it for me. But my biggest issue is that my bot won’t start automaticly. It requires node bot.js.

But i’d prefer help in form of a super simple DBM bot, if anyone’s willing to help :slight_smile:

I might try making it work again later, if nobody’s willing to make this.

Actually i think i solved my old issue.
My uptimerobot gets error Timeout, and i found an old ticket telling it’s because the uptimerobot has nothing to load, and i have no “page”.
I added an index.html now, but how do i make it get loaded?

The botname is “highfalutin-fifth”, you can get edit link if you PM me.

Hey @darknessgamingdk it looks to me like you have some problems with your package.json file that may be interfering with your project being able to show the page you’re hoping to use. Right now Glitch can’t interpret your package.json (I think due to a stray “,” or two). You can use to help make your package.json file valid.

You also appear to be telling Glitch about two different start scripts, so it’s unclear which one you really want Glitch to use to start your project. That won’t show up in the validator but should be fixed too.

Once you’re resaolved those could of thing if your project’s still having trouble we can take another look.

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When i try the validator, it gives me this:

“valid”: false,
“critical”: “Invalid JSON - SyntaxError: Unexpected token } in JSON at position 300”

I don’t know what that means.
And i fixed the 2 start scripts.

I think it works now actually. My bot started and it says “Ping recieved” in my log. Thanks a lot for the help! :slight_smile:

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