Can`t install Quick.db

I’m trying to install Quick.db for a discord bot, but it doesn’t work. I have already tried many methods from the Internet, but nothing helped. (I use Visual Studio Code)

node-gyp wants you to install python. Install it from
I had a lot of problems with quick.db because it used better-sqlite3 which wouldn’t build for my platform


You can also just run python3 in the command prompt and it will bring you to the microsoft store.

:frowning: remind me to remove all that nasty promotion stuff in windows 10. does python ever install as python3 in windows. Maybe it does if you already have python 3.

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Windows installs so much crap on windows 10. Back when I had 7 they never installed junk.

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I installed python 2.7 using “npm i --global windows-build-tools --vs2015” in powershell and it gave me an error to download the latest version of python. After downloading python 3.8, I received an error so that I download an older version 2.X. With the installation of two versions at once on the computer, it gives this error.

You should purge one of the versions.

I use node v11 for now.