Can´t load module express

I have an bot running as an Node app via Glitch.
I didn´t changed it in the last 24 hours but since 10 minutes its not working anymore. it fails to load the package express. i already deleted it from the dependencies and installed it again. But its down all the time now.

In the log i saw a message with something about store server for manipulations in it, but i don´t know if it has something todo with my problem.


Hi @stoesselleon,

can you tell us your project name?


it´s also not working on the discord bot sample featured on the starting page.

I’ve left comments about your issue in feedback.txt on your project.

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thank you very much ! my throttle has to be 90 second because otherwise i will get to the limit of 9000 changes per day on the discord bot to soon and will have to regenerate my token. i like 90 seconds to make quick changes within this period :slight_smile:

Yes, you can keep it to 90s then, but remember that you won’t get changes applied before 90 seconds :slight_smile:

yeah i know, thats what i want :slight_smile:

Ok, I think we made the fix, is it working now?

yeah works like a charm, but me puppeteer isn´t working anymore…
with the error: failed to load google chrome

I never used puppeteer extensively before, so I am not really sure how I can help you.

I’ve checked the source code of your project, and I don’t see any usage of puppeteer except for where you require it. So I am really not sure what you’re trying to do… sorry.

EDIT: I am trying to chat with you through feedback.txt in the project, it would probably be faster that way.

oh thats on another project called: realpriceman forgot about that… i wanted to have the puppeteer with as much space as possible.

I see…

it looks like a programming issue to me, or perhaps chrome can’t be started because there is not enough RAM available (unlikely, since it worked yesterday).

I would suggest you to create a project in which you can control when chrome is launched and stopped, so that you can debug it better.

yeah. i thought that, only wanted to make sure !
thank you for your time once again.