Can we have a statement on those incidents maybe? What is the cause, what are the plans?!

(Pls consider that this is NOT about pinging issues or about my projects going to sleep because pinging services has been blocked)

Dear Glitch Team,

please talk to us as community here. My projects are getting shutdown randomly, restarted, downloading modules for hours and many more issues.

Why is it that my project need to constantly redownload packages without an end? Pls explain why this is necessary! What is the cause of this and when will it stop already?

Glitch was a wonderful solution for small devs to experiment and to have a reliable hosting services when there is one needed. But in recent months the service quality has gone down hill. And to top it off now for several days straight it is unbearable.

I am using Glitch for my moderation bots on Discord/Twitch and I always notice when something is up so I know how often Glitch just stopped working for my bots. At least two times an hour Glitch fails for me and it is getting annoying. Also there is no reaction on this support forum here nor an update on the status page that there is an incident going on.

Do you guys have plans to adress this and will there be a compensation for the downtime to people who are paying for your services?


I’ve moved your topic to the #feedback category as you’re not actually asking for help, but giving feedback to Glitch.

@Glitch_Response can we have at least an acknowledgement of the current situation? Its as if Glitch doesnt care a single bit about what is going on

You may get a quicker response via email or by creating a ticket on Happyfox

What’s Happyfox? I have never heard of it.

The glitch help center?

It’s what they want to move to as their help center. Right now, it is also what manages their support email and tickets, so you can manage/create your own tickets there

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@glitch_support (not @Glitch_Response)

so now you are censoring opinions and negative feedback?

@glitch_support this simply wont stop!!! For all my projects…

Hi @JaielSoft,

I am sorry about the recent service interruptions. We are trying to post more detailed updates about this on

We have posted a few updates about the issues we have been seeing in the past few months and what we are doing to prevent this from happening as often in the future.

Here are some links to this:

Folks who have subscribed to Boosted Apps can send a message to to discus any specifics of their membership with us. We are happy to help!

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What do you mean with “preventing from happening as often” It is happening non-stop and calling it as “often” is not taking it serious. First of all my projects randomly goes down every hour or so and then it goes into reinstalling, reloading the node modules. This cycle is going on for a week now and I dont see any end to this…

  • Editor is not loading / takes minutes to load
  • Node Modules get reinstalled
  • Projects just stopping out of a sudden although enough activity to not go to sleep
  • When Projects are interrupted they are not shut down gracefully as well

And this situation goes on for a whole week already… It was already starting to go bad but after this one week I jsut lost all my faith in Glitch.