Can We Have Glitch OAuth?

Hi there!
I would really like to be able to use the Glitch login in my own sites using OAuth. Like Discord and GitHub where you can login with OAuth of that site to a different site.
You can vote for this by clicking the vote button above
Hope this can be added :slight_smile:

You have my vote! I see this more as a thing down the road if Glitch ever decides to create their own login system vs using third party apps.


My invisible vote! (I am currently on no available votes)


@RiversideRocks If I am right, you can login in with email link/email password combo. Is this handled elsewhere?

I don’t fully count the email system as a login system as there is no real interface.

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I wish they would increase the number of votes for a user…

So do I. It takes forever before you get more automatically.

It’d technically be email, github, google, facebook login all in one but why use 4 when you can use one and get all of them

You have my vote!