Can We import GitHub files as frontend assets?

I just gave the GitHub import feature a try, and it worked great. However, it appeared to import the project into the “back-end” portion of my project. Is there a supported way to have a GitHub distributed project add files to the front-end section?

If not, is there a way I can programmatically do the same? Per the FAQ ( I know that I can read/write files, but it’s unclear if the front end folders are accessible via this file system, or if they’re a mysterious blob of stuff that’s separated from my backend code.

Also, bonus question – is there a way I can view the directory structure of the file system I’m allowed to write to in my hyper-dev enviornment?

So things are automatically placed in the front-end if they’re in folders called ‘views’ or ‘public’, which is something of a convention in Node. You can manually drag the files into that area if you want others there.

The frontend/backend distinction is purely a UI thing to try and help folks keep things organized, they’re all in the same filesystem together.

I think I mentioned in your other thread that we’re working on some command line functionality, so you will be able to view the filesystem that way soon.


Right now all of your code is in /app on the server, and /app/views and /app/public are displayed as frontend in the editor. You can create whatever directories you like inside the /app directory via code or through the editor.

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