Can we pull from main Github branch?

I’m pushing a project to github (works great). I merge changes from an active branch into main. I have a second project on Glitch that represents “production” so I’d like that to pull from the production branch.

Can I specify that on the project?


Before, you will need to check if you have deleted the glitch branch.

You need to use the Import and Export button of the Tools menu of your Glich production project. After you have clicked on this, specify the link (user/repo) to your repository and set the name of the commit for this export (optionnal). And, for finish, change the name of the new exported glitch branch to a name like production.

Thanks but not quite understanding your reply. Both test and production use the same repo I just need two separate branches. The production app wouldn’t typically need to push but could if a production bug was detected.

If I try to export my production app I receive: “This will export your project to the ‘glitch’ branch of your existing GitHub Repo:” But that is the branch that my test app is using. It would overwrite anything in that branch.

If I go ahead and do it then rename that to “main” would the glitch production project continue to use that same branch or does it always push to one named “glitch”?

If there is a better way I’ll do it I just need two projects pointing to the same repo but different branches ideally with production pulling from main.

He always push to glitch branch.

You would be better off using the command line and creating a script that automatically runs the commands required for that

That sounds good I tried using git directly from the command line. It didn’t seem to happy but I no doubt did it wrong. The relatively good news is that (in so far as I can tell) the project I created in Glitch from the Git repo used the main branch and a subsequent pull using the Glitch menu pulled in a change that I made.

I suspect that I should never push that project but again I don’t know anything I’m stuck guessing. I will probably have to mock up some projects and push the buttons but I really don’t like to guess.

If there is a simple command line or two that would work and you have a moment do you think you could post it here? It is plain old git repo and the branch is called “main”


Well I just confirmed that a push wrote to the glitch branch so my “system” is a little limited. I’ll get by for the time being…