Can we streamline "Export to github" flow?


One thing I notice with the export flow is that it takes a few more steps than I would like. After pressing the button and selecting repo and message (I am ok with that part, even if the prompts are clunky).

I have to:

  1. Navigate to my repo (type it in my url bar)
  2. See that github has the “you made commits, do you want to PR?” banner and click it.
  3. Click “Create PR”
  4. Click “Merge”

What if glitch created a PR for the branch it pushes? Maybe as an option with a checkbox?

And then somewhere in the ui, have a clickable link to that PR.

None of that is a huge annoyance, but it could be nicer.


Auto-creating the PR is an interesting idea, we’ll look into it. Thanks for the suggestion! :slight_smile: