Can we upgrade our projects somehow by paying for it?


I love Glitch but I hate the restrictions. I would love some business modell where I can upgrade my project to have the limits upped for my projects.


I believe this is already planned.


the sooner its implemented the better then :slight_smile: I just need the rate limit removed or upped to 10k or so and 100% uptime. Running a bot on a bigger twitch channel and pretty much getting close to 4k requests. Its like 3,6k at the moment but thats only at 6k, 7k viewer. It can go well ebyond 10k at times


We’re working on paid plans, which will likely include always-on projects and potentially higher rate limits. We don’t have a firm timeline on these at the moment; all I can say is that we currently expect them to be ready sometime in 2019.


I made a request for this here