Can we use Mobirise on Glitch?


Hello, it’s been almost two days that I seek the solution on the topic but I do not find them ^^. I would like to know if it is possible to put mobirise files via Glitch, the problem is that the file is in a format of mobirise.exe for HTML and CSS, it is not in index.html format


Hey @zeis974 from a super quick search of their help site I found That seems to indicate that when you publish your site using their app it drops the html and other site files in the project directory. You’d need to upload those files to a Glitch project (maybe one started from the hello-website starter) and then your site should work fine.

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Ok thank you @cori just wanted to know if it was possible I try and I keep you informed

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It’s definitely possible. I use Mobirise for one of my sites running on Glitch.

If you would like a bit more help with it then let me know! :smiley:


I would like to know how you did it because for me uploading files to Glitch does not work


Hey @zeis974 can you walk us through what you did and what problems you encountered? Are you running into problems with the uploading, or can you get the files uploaded but the site doesn’t display properly? What project are you working in?


Hello, yes one minute I look at this


I tried to put his files in glitch and gave him hisCapture


I’m not quite sure what I’m looking at here - is the top screenshot of your local environment? If so, which files are you uploading to Glitch, and do they show up where you expect them in your project?

Keep in mind that for the time being you’ll need to upload each file individually; you won’t be able to upload the assets directory shown in the top screen shot all at once, for instance.


Yes but where to find the HTML5 and css files from the site other than the Mobirise project ?


It seemed from the help link I pointed to that they should be in the same folder as the project, but I don’t use mobirise, so I can’t say for certain.


I do not find it I will try to get by


If you want to help me I do not refuse