Can you delete my domain?

Hello, I ran into a problem, how can I delete a domain? If you can, could you please delete it? Data:

Project: ozora-djs

Yep, @glitch_support will have to do that for you! Please make sure that the project “ozora-djs” is not deleted.
-Happy Glitching tech_dude1

Hi @dsColDex
It looks like that custom domain is associated with another project that has been deleted:

If you would like us to unlink your domain from this project, please go into your deleted projects and temporarily undelete it. Then, let us know! We can take it from there.

Well, I returned, please delete

Thanks @dsColDex !

Your custom domain has now been removed from that project. If you like, you can re-delete the project now.

If you have any questions, let us know!