Can you revert back my project server.js file i lost it please

My project server.js file got deleted please can anyone revert back to it’s last state.

Anyone can help me :sob::sob::sob::sob: it was deleted automatically on android chrome :sob::sob::sob: when i tried to edit something

it is good that i finally found that i also have my project on heroku too so i just use that as backup . but anyways very fast support glitch.

Sorry to be late!

You should include your project name too, and an approximate time which you’d like to get your project reverted at.

For the future, if you know git, you can use it from the Console (Project Menu -> Advanced Settings -> Open Console) to revert/undo changes manually :slight_smile:

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yeah i checkout this and this is working , now i got my last commit that i done on glitch :slight_smile: