Can you unlink my emails to my GitHub login?

My school email is linked with my Glitch account, is there any way you can unlink it please? Thanks :slight_smile:

Or is there any way I can do it manually?

hi @mixtaping ! I think you can reset your email by going to your user page, and selecting the Preferences tab.

Partway down this page, you should see an Email input which you can edit.
Further down the page, there’s also an Associated Accounts section, which your GitHub account might be listed under. You can disconnect that account by clicking on the red trashcan icon!

I meant on the site so I can’t login with google, not the support side. Sorry.

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Oh gotcha, sorry for the mixup!

It’s fine :slight_smile:

Mentioning so @cori can see this.

Ok, thanks :slight_smile:

Hey @mixtaping, if you could please send an email to from the email currently associated with your Glitch account we can work things out there.