Cancel subcripiton doesn't work

Hello! I wanted to cancel my subcripiton because I don’t ise glitch anymore and I can’t pay it right now. I clicked on the “cancel subrciption” button a lot of times but it did nothing. Today I got an e-mail from glitch that they wanted to charge me again but they couldnt because I don’t have enough money on my credit card. I don’t know how to cancel it because If I click on the “cancel subcription” button it does nothing. Please help because the will try to charge me again on November 5. and I don’t want to be charged when I don’t want to.

Hey there, if your having issues with your subscription you can email so they can help you.


Hi @kenez14

I just checked and the cancellation did go through. I will send you an email with additional details.


Ok thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile: